Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Remember FSLRs? FILM??!?

Anyone remember what film is and what it is used for (and how it can hang around in a camera for awhile before being developed)? Remember what it was like to get a roll developed, having totally forgotten what photos you'd taken? Remember the anticipation of opening the envelope after a week or so (or in my case, many years)? What fun! You totally miss all that excitement with DSLRs!!

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. There hasn't been much action on the blog for awhile, so here are a few photos that had been hanging around in my FSLR.. Maybe film will make a comeback? Nah..


Lisa said...


Love the picture of Rosiland. I wonder how she is doing....

Hope you are well!

christy said...

I like that we're all either smiling or laughing :-D

Thanks, Bill!

billgo said...

Yeah, I miss Roz. I miss all you guys.. Hope that you're all well and still find the time to smile and laugh..


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